Friday, 13 June 2008

I've been tagged!

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I've watched a programme at astro where a research has been done to see some habits of university students and here are the top 10:

makan maggi
stay up
last minute assignment
main game
tgk movie
afraid of seeing the lecturer for CH
lazy to wake from sleep
last minute study


1. sleep
Klu hari yg ade kat bilik, lps lunch mesti siesta. Tp orang siesta kejap je, kite ni sampai ke petang. Mana x gemuk.... haih...

2. makan maggi
Suka. Sgt suka. Masa kat UKM dulu boleh dikatakan staple food. Now kat Makassar, xde Maggi kat sini. Yg adenye Indomie, tp kite prefer Kare, enak sih. Indomie yang best nye mi goreng die... and iklan die

Paling suke yg part org Bali nyanyi.
"dados manten i rage malenan..."

3. stay up
X suka stay up & mmg x berbakat pun. Masa matrik selalu tido awal, menyebabkan asik ketinggalan dgn gossip2 terkini yg hangat. Skrg ni pun selalu tido awal

4. last minute assignment
Time-time last minute la paling byk idea bernas. Klu buat awal-awal, kurang "omph"!

5. dating
Oh, selalu! Kadang-kadang date dgn Zoro si rambut ijau, kadang-kadang ngan nakama die yg nama Franky si rambut biru. Baru-baru ni asik dating dgn Tamaki Hiroshi. Sebelum tu dgn Tamayama Tetsuji

6. main game
The Sims! Addictive & memberat kan computer

7. tengok movie
Kalau Cinema 21 ada club, dah lama jadi ahli. Time UKM dulu pun selalu menyalahgunakan student card utk dptkan discount kat GSC & TGV. Hehee =D =D =D =D
Klu malas nak kuar jauh-jauh, no problem. Ada Cinema D312, dgn surround sound system

8. afraid of seing the lecturer for CH
Uhm... watzat?

9. lazy to wake from sleep

Biase lps subuh tido balik. Klu hari yg ade class kul 7.30, set jam kul 6 tp nak bangun liat nak mampos. Hari yg xde class pagi, x set jam tapi automatic bangun kul 6 & x dpt tido balik. Haih...

10. last minute study
Lagi lambat study, lagi fresh. Tak ke?


Yay! 8 out of 10.
Now, tag org lain plk. But who? Most of my friends have already finished studying. They are too busy with work, family or kids to maintain a blog or read blogs.

Emmm... emmm... emmm...
Ok lah. I tag...

  • Aishah
  • Nadiah Alwi
  • Noriza
  • Hasmin
  • Miza

Happy Tagging!

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Thinking Aloud...

It's not even been a month yet, and I've already gotten tired of this layout. Oh, fickle, fickle me.

This is not my 1st choice template. I only settled on it because I couldn't find anything better. I'm searching for something more. So right now I'm going "template shopping" again. Don't be surprised if things are a little bit different the next time you drop by. I've already changed my layout twice this past month. Same goes for the blog title. Can't seem to find anything that truly reflects this blog.

Ooh... but this is bad, baaaaddd... I shouldn't be doing this right now. I should be studying! There are exams just around the corner.

No! Stop! DON'T!
Pull yourself together man, you have to resist!

Ooooooh... but the computer is calling me. Calling meeeee........

Monday, 9 June 2008

Greek Coffee

I went to Dhita's room today. She's a classmate who's also staying in Rusun, one floor beneath me. We were holed up for hours in her room together with another member of our group, Lita, to finish our assignment; making a flipchart on coronary heart disease.

I knew that Dhita is very well off and she travels a lot. But it never really sank in until today.

I was working with Lita at her laptop while Dhita was at her own computer, hooking up to the internet to search for materials. At one time, she started reading out loud from a site she’s visiting. A Hi5 profile page I think. I looked at the screen where she was pointing, indicating the thing she was reading. My mind went blank for a second. Are those even words? Then I realized I was looking at sigmas, lambdas and omegas. Whoa, Greek!

Turned out, she was in Greece a few months back, and she can read and speak Greek fluently. I was very impressed. She already knew Greek well before the trip, but didn’t they say that Greek is one of the most difficult languages to learn?

She became very animated then, telling stories of Greece and showing pictures of the local attractions.

Cantik sekali! Pokoknya, kamu harus ke sana satu kali sebelum mati, lho,” she gushed.

To complete the Greek experience, she served me a cup of Greek coffee and some sort of Greek baguette or hard bread. It was quite nice actually (and quite strong. I’ve become an owl, so I’m writing this until I get sleepy).

Oh, how wonderful it is to be able to travel all around the world and immerse yourself in new cultures and surroundings.

Hek eleh… nak travel jauh-jauh belajar culture orang konon. Mau belajar budaya Indonesia aja belum bisa! the devil inside me whispered.

So far, the furthest I’ve been away from home is here in Makassar, and I’m embarrassed to say that I haven’t exactly embraced or made an effort to get to know the local culture better. The only Bahasa Makassar that I know is Lekba mako ngandre? and I’m supposed to mingle with the locals throughout my clinical years.

That few hours with Dhita today sudah bikin aku semangat lagi! I should work on my Indonesian tongue, and brush up the other languages that I’ve learnt while I’m at it.

Before returning to my own room after finishing the assignment, I requested the Greeks songs Dhita played for us earlier.

Hahaha! Sudah ku bilang pada mu, Juliet! I will turn everybody Greek! said Dhita gleefully to Lita .


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