Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Trilogy plus one

Just finished Brisingr this afternoon. I'm still experiencing the out-of-this-world, my-head's-in-the-clouds, can't-seem-to-connect-with-reality kind of feeling... That have always been a sign of a good book. Or a good movie.

Only after finishing the book can I truly appreciate the title. Brisingr! The first book can't help but to be named after the principal character. The second book... urmm... I don't really get it. Does Eldest refers to Murtagh being the elder son or Oromis & Glaedr being the oldest surviving Dragon and Rider or something else?

I thought the 'Inheritance' series was supposed to be a trilogy. I'm positive I've read somewhere that Brisingr would be the third and last book of the series. So imagine my surprise when the last page was turned and there it said...

"Here ends the third book
of the Inheritance Cycle.
The story will continue and conclude
in book four."

Yay! There will be another book. My journey into Alagaƫsia doesn't end just yet, with so many plots to contemplate and new facts to discover and look forward to.

Boo! There will be another book. So much Q's still unanswered. The suspense is killing me. My agony gets to be prolonged another year or so until the fourth book is released. God knows when will that be.

I was a big fan of L. J. Smith back when I was in secondary school. Still am actually. I used to collect her works. The Secret Circle trilogy, Dark Visions trilogy, The Forbidden Game trilogy and Night World series.

The last book I bought was the ninth book of the Night World series, Witchlight, in 1998. The 10th book, Strange Fate, was supposed to come out shortly after. Now, ten years later, I'm still waiting for it to see the light of day.

Even the gap between the fourth and fifth Harry Potter book was quite considerable. Three years if I'm not mistaken, compared to the yearly release of the previous books. I do hope Christopher Paolini won't take too long to release his.

When Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows was released, I was elated and sad at the same time. All the burning questions was finally laid to rest but there was also a sense of loss. Like parting with an old and dear friend, knowing that things won't be the same again. Maybe as a way to cope with the feelings, I kept re-reading the whole series over and over again. I've been following the series for almost over 10 years, Harry Potter and his friends have influenced me like no other fictional character ever had.

Maybe the end of the Inheritance Cycle will not affect me to that extent. But still, it's quite a melancholy feeling when the last sentence on the last page is read, knowing there won't be any more to follow.


Anonymous said...

owh, ni la dia ye, buku yg berjaya habis di baca sepanjang kat akademis? hehe... akak mmg suka cerita2 mcm ni. bagus2... hehe... keep on reading~ x teringin tulis satu buku yg genre mcm tu? hehe...

Nadiah Alwi said...

aaaaaah! u read l.j smith???
I had no idea i'd find sumone else who read those books! :) kak waniee...i've been witing for that book as well..btw, ever read forbdden game? i've always had a thing for vampires. dark broody, exceptionally good loooking.
and Ash..heheh.


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